Time Line

Weekend Wedding Time Line

Thursday, July 16th

3:00p Cookout at Groff’s
6:00p Guys “Dreesen Cup” golf outing at MVCC (bring $10 cash)
Friday, July 17th

9:00a Guys Boating (2 Pontoons & Ski Boat lined up) – Lake Minnewashta
11:30a Girls meet at Kelli’s for optional lunch in Excelsior
1:00p Kerri, Bridesmaids, Susie and Moms get manicures and pedicures at Excelsior Nail & Spa
1:00p Guys Lunch @Dreesen’s
4:00p Girls get ready at Kelli’s house
4:00p Guys get ready at Kerri’s/James house
4:45p All parties arrive at Westwood
5:00p Rehearsal
6:20p Board ship at Port of Excelsior
6:30-9:30p Rehearsal dinner cruise
10:00p Guys Maynard’s
Saturday, July 18th

9:00a Guys Breakfast @Kerri’s/James house (French toast, eggs, bacon)
9:30a Guys Pump-session @Snap Fitness Chanhassen
9:30a Kerri, Kelli & Kelsey arrive at Hazeltine
9:45a Kerri (Erin) and Kelsey (Amanda) get hair done
10:00a Bridesmaids, Susie, Moms arrive at Hazeltine for Mimosas and breakfast
10:30a Natalie gets hair done (Amanda)
10:45a Kelli gets hair done (Erin)
11:15a Lauren gets hair done (Amanda)
11:30a Erin gets hair done (Erin) and Natalie starts Kerri’s makeup
12:00p Lindsey gets hair done (Amanda)
12:00p Guys meet at the Dreesen’s and eat lunch
12:15p Vicki gets hair done (Erin)
12:30p Adam arrives to start photography 🙂
-rings, dress, getting ready, etc.
-individuals of Kerri

1:00p Kerri and Bridesmaids pics
-Kerri w/ Vicki
-Kerri w/ Kelli
-Kerri w/ Kelli & Vicki
-individuals of Bridesmaids w/Kerri (if time permits)

1:15p Kerri & James first look—pics at Hazeltine
-first look pics
-pics walking around outside of Hazeltine Club House

1:30p Bridal Party Group pics (+/- Ring Bearer & Susie)

2:15p Parents/immediate family pics at Hazeltine
James, Lauren, Lindsey, Jack
James & Kerri, Lauren, Lindsey, Jack
James & Kerri, Jim, Kathy, Lauren, Lindsey, Jack
James & Kerri, Jim, Kathy
James & Kerri, Kelli, Erik, Henrik, Vicki, Howie, Jim, Kathy, Lauren, Lindsey, Jack
James & Kerri, Kelli, Erik, Henrik, James & Kerri, Vicki, Howie
Kelli, Erik, Henrik
James & Kerri, Henrik
James & Kerri, Howie, Vicki
Kerri, Howie, Vicki

3:00p Kerri & James pics at Excelsior Commons
-Family (10 minutes)
–James & Kerri, Kelli, Erik, Henrik, Vicki, Howie
–James & Kerri, Jim, Kathy, Lauren, Lindsey, Jack
-Kerri & James (40 minutes)
–Individuals of Kerri
–Individuals of James

4:00p Pics at Westwood (outside)
-individuals of James (4-5 pics)
-James w/Jack
-James w/Groomsmen
-James w/IU guys (Mikey, Pat, Jerry, Scott)
-individuals of Groomsmen (Jack, Mikey, Jerry, Scott, Pat, Erik) like 2-3 pics each

4:30p Doors open: all parties back to rooms until Ceremony to rest
5:00p Ceremony
5:30p Dismissal
5:40p Send off in Black 2014 Chevy Corvette to Hazeltine
-Pics of James, Kerri & Car (thinking we literally pose for 2-3 pics before we get in)
*Adam meets us next at Hazeltine
5:50p Bridesmaids, and Groomsmen leave for Hazeltine. Susie to ensure church is cleaned out and all remaining items get to reception

6:00p Cocktail Hour begins with receiving line at Hazeltine (Kerri & James outside on Patio, parents inside)
5:55 -Pics w/Julie
-James & Kerri w/Julie
-James & Kerri w/Julie, Jack, Monica
6:05 – Pics w/Davidsons
-James & Kerri w/Rob & Jane
-James & Kerri w/Rob & Jane & Boys
6:15 – Pics w/Grandparents
-Kerri and James w/Grandparents Shiffmens
-James & Kerri w/Grandparents, Howie, Vicki, Kelli, Erik, Henrik, Jim, Sue, Olivia, Ethan
6:25 – Gross’
-James & Kerri, Kathy, Jim, Jack, Lauren, Lindsey, Millie, John, Al, Julie, Sunni, Dillion, Ally, John, Shelia
6:35 – Dreesen’
-James & Kerri, Kathy, Jim, Jack, Lauren, Lindsey, Laura, Tom, Pete

6:40p pictures on the course (drive golf cart to 16th hole)
-Kerri & James, 16th hole bridge
-Kerri & James, 16th hole green (+holding flag)
-Kerri & James, on Tee Box
7:10p Get in Cart and Drive back

7:15p Wedding Party Entrance
7:20p Welcome by Howie & blessing by Joel
7:25p Service of salad, bread, and wine—Kerri & James cut cake once they are done
7:45p Plated dinner to be served – Kelli, Jack, Howie & Vicki speeches after all entrees received
8:15p Cake and coffee served

8:30p First dance
9:00p Adam leaves 🙁

12:15a Last call
12:45a Last song/vacate
Sunday, July 19th

9:30a-12:00p Brunch and lake activities at the Dreesen’s