Kerri and James

How did we meet?

Our love story starts in June of 2012 after meeting through a mutual friend in the ‘Hamptons of the Midwest’ aka Lake Minnetonka.


What do we like to do together?


golf 1

kerri groff golfing

howie groff

Watch Gopher Hockey Gamesgopher hockeyminnesota hockey


ski 1ski 2ski 3

Watch the Timberwolves (that’s an NBA team in Minnesota)

timberwolvesminnesota timberwolvestimberwolves game

Water Ski

water ski 1water skiing


boatinglake minnetonka

Watch Twins Games

 minnesota twinstwins game

Hang out with the Adele puppy

Adele Dreesencute dogdog

Click here to watch the proposal